Apartment Room Design Tips

For those of you who have high mobility and solid activity outside the home, of course, needed a place to stay that is practical. You can choose an apartment as a solution. Living in an apartment at this time has become a lifestyle for businessman and career woman. Besides being able to support the activity, you also do not need to be bothered with problems at home. Due to the limited size, it does not require much time to care for and clean.

Designing apartment bedroom with limited size in order to be a comfortable place to live is a challenging job. Your creativity is really tested in this case. Due to the limited size, the apartment must be able to accommodate your needs while providing comfort. And last but not least, also give an attractive look that makes you able to recharge after a full day of outdoor activities.

First, the determination of the concept. With limited size, you should make sure the interior of the room according to your tastes and needs. Ensure that the concept of character and still pay attention to aspects of health, ergonomics, comfort, energy saving, environmentally friendly, and aesthetics. You can carry the concept of modern minimalist, modern ethnic and eclectic. Second, the selection of furniture. Choose the type of apartment furniture that is small and multi functional. Let’s use the sofa bed, glass table, as well as built-in cabinets.

Third, the division of space. To be impressed airy apartment room, use partitions to distinguish the function room. Make sure the partition is lightweight and multi functional. So, instead of a partition in the form of a solid wall that will make the room more so narrow. You can use a cabinet, TV stand, display frame or shelf. Fourth, lighting. So that natural light can enter, provide a certain time, especially in the morning to open the window curtain. If still it is less light, you can turn on the lights in the room. Make sure each of your activity centers are optimal light source.

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